If you’re looking for an engaging and informative tour that covers the complex history of Riga but also explores what it is like to live here today, then this is the tour for you. We will not miss any of old Riga’s most famous landmarks on our walk including St Peter’s Church, Town Hall Square and Dome Square, but don’t expect a dry history lesson. On this tour, you’ll find out about the surprising origins of the Latvian language, the fate of churches during the Soviet occupation and the little known history of Latvia’s symbol of independence.
This is both a personal and a comprehensive tour of the old town. I love telling people about my city and, having travelled a lot myself, I know how enriching an authentic local perspective can be.

Tour Duration: 2 hours
Tour Price: 60 EUR


Riga is a true Art Nouveau metropolis with over 800 buildings in this unique architectural style. In fact, it has the world’s highest concentration of Art Nouveau architecture. Riga gives us a perfect opportunity to dive into the subject of Art Nouveau and find out more about its relevance not just as an architectural style, but also for what it reveals about Riga. On this tour, we’ll explore Art Nouveau’s history, visit the city’s most iconic examples of the style, hear about its architects and visit the Art Nouveau museum

Tour Duration: 2 hours
Tour Price: 60 EUR


See the best of Riga in 3 hours. This tour combines the most important sights of the old town and the art nouveau district in one comprehensive tour. If you're short on time and want to get the most from your stay - this is the tour for you.

Tour Duration: 3 hours
Tour Price: 90 EUR


Even though Latvia has been an independent country for 3 decades now the impact of the Soviet period is still strongly felt in the country – from a third of the country speaking Russian as their first language, to a noticeable political divide to Soviet era monuments still being present in the capital – the soviet legacy still lingers. This tour attempts to shed some light on this time period and its ramifications – how did Latvia regain its independence, how was this transition experienced and how has the soviet period shaped the mentality of Latvians today – these are the types of questions this tour is focused on.

Tour Duration: 2,5- 3 hours
Tour Price: 80 EUR